Prevent the Probate Process From
Chipping Away or Depleting your Legacy

Probate court proceedings can reduce or completely deplete the legacy you want to leave to your beneficiaries:

Avoiding probate will save the time and expense of probate procedures. During your lifetime, the probate court process in a guardianship and conservatorship--when an adult is incapacitated--can last for years. After your death, if an asset was owned only in your name, usually that asset must “go through probate.” The probate court process in a decedent’s estate averages a year to a year and a half. Probate expenses—usually thousands of dollars--may include, but are not limited to:

$ Costs paid to the probate court
$ Bond premium
$ Guardian ad Litem fees
$ Guardian and Conservator fees
$ Personal Representative fees
$ Attorney fees
$ Mediation fees if there is a dispute
You will be remembered for two things:
The problems you created, or the problems you sloved.

Protect & Preserve your

How can you avoid probate during your lifetime and afterwards; give your dollars to your beneficiaries instead of to the probate process; and achieve legacy fulfillment?

Achieving Legacy Fulfillment is as easy as:

Saving time and money for you and your family is easy with these three documents. All three are designed to keep you and your family out of the probate court during and after your lifetime, saving both time and money and providing you and your family with peace of mind.

Revocable Living Trust

Your Revocable Living Trust is the cornerstone of good estate planning. Your Revocable Living Trust is the cornerstone of good estate planning. Your trust will avoid probate of the assets placed into the name of the trust and will direct how and when your beneficiaries will receive your property. It will save the time and expense of probate. The trust can be amended or revoked and all the assets you place into your trust are yours and under your control. The trust also avoids the risks of joint ownership. Your Revocable Living Trust will enable you to control and protect the inheritance of your loved ones and fulfill your legacy. Your Revocable Living Trust is a gift to your family that will last beyond a lifetime.

Durable Power of Attorney

In your Durable Power of Attorney, you name a person (your agent) to help manage your property, pay your bills, and assist in your medical treatment decisions. A Durable Power of Attorney will continue in effect even if you become incapacitated. A Durable Power of Attorney may eliminate the necessity of having a guardian or conservator appointed in the probate court to assist an incapacitated person, saving the time and expense of probate court.

Patient Advocate

In your Designation of Patient Advocate, you state when you want or do not want life support, and you name a person (your patient advocate) to speak for you if you are unable to communicate your directions.

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