Pet Trusts

A pet trust is created by a pet owner who wants to provide care for their pets after the owner’s death. In a pet trust, you name or describe the pet or pets you want to provide care for, and you designate the amount of funds that will be held in the trust for the care of your pet or pets.

In the pet trust you name one or more trustees to hold and expend the funds for the pet’s welfare. The trustee has the discretion to use the funds to pay for the pet’s needs including veterinary care. You can also name a caregiver for the pet. The caregiver may the trustee or someone other than the trustee.

Upon the death of the pets, any funds remaining in the pet trust can pass to the other named beneficiaries.

The attorney fee to prepare a pet trust is $495.00. However, if we prepare your Revocable Living Trust, the fee for the pet trust is reduced to $200.00.

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